Vehicle warranty network

Australian Warranty Network Pty Ltd (AWN) is a network agency that specialises in providing extended vehicle warranties for automobiles in Australia since 1992. The company is based at Tanah Merah, Queensland. Australian Warranty Network Pty Ltd (AWN) offers quality extended vehicle warranty products according to coverage requirements.

Car owners can choose from the extended vehicle warranty products given on the website depending on factors like the level of protection and budget. The company’s roadside assistance programs and extended vehicle warranty products can be bought from 3000 selling agents who are approved.

Selling agents can be motor vehicle dealers, motor bike dealers, scooter dealers, marine dealers, caravan dealers, motorhome dealers, finance brokers and LPG installers who are present within Australia.

The different kinds of extended warranty types given by Australian Warranty Network Pty Ltd are Platinum, Advantage, Extension, Motorbike, Scooter, Marine, Jet Ski, Extreme, Caravan, Motorhome, Roadside, and Motorbike RSA. (AWN) provides general cover that comes under the roadside assistance program.

The given services can be accessed through the road assistance program jump start motor vehicle, replace flat with spare, supply minimum of 5 litres (unleaded) fuel, access motor vehicle and replace key, towing and breakdown services, and inform family and friends urgent messages.

Alternative transport can be also arranged by AWN during major accidents and breakdown. Gift and referral cards are also sold by Australian Warranty Network (AWN) which includes AWN Xtreme Protection, Xtreme Fabric Guard, Xtreme Rust Guard, Xtreme Paint Guard, Xtreme Leather Guard, Xtreme Sound Guard, and Xtreme Vinyl Guard.

Contact Details;
Australian Warranty Network Pty Ltd.,
3801 – 3803 Pacific Highway,
Tanah Merah,
Queensland 4128,

Contact Numbers:
AWN Phone: (07) 3802 5577
General Fax: (07) 3801 1539
Claims Fax: (07) 3801 1039

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Website :

Foot care recommendations

Skin Care on The World Wide Web is an Australian online skin care business that specialises in distributing skin care products & body care products. Skin Care on The World Wide Web also offers skincare & lip treatments and is based at Moffat Beach, Queensland.

Through Skin Care on The World Wide Web, people world over have online access to skin and body care products, foot care products, and skin care & lip treatments. Individuals who are suffering from skin, foot and lip problems can also avail online professional advice.

The company’s products have been personally tested and quality checked. Products for foot care include Milky Foot which contains active ingredient ExMilac (Milk Ferment Filtrate) that can remove hard skin, reduce cracks and moisturise feet. Other foot care products like beauty feet and footkiss callus which is a callus removal kit used for treating heels are sold here.

Skin Care on The World Wide Web also distributes skin and foot care products which are manufactured by Medik8. Some of the products that be found on the company’s website are Medik8 cleanse, Medik8 prevent, Medik8 correct, Medik8 hydrate, Medik8 pretox, and beautipharm.

Lash control products which come in squeezable mascara packages include pink squeeze, purple squeeze, blue squeeze, and clear squeeze can be found here. Accessories like LED compact mirror and STRADA double ended which help in beauty care can be bought through the company’s website.

The company is part of the health, beauty and spa industries based in Australia. The website also consist of a blog where readers can read articles about how to take proper care of skin care, foot care recommendations, feet care, different kinds of foot treatments available, facial moisturiser, waxing, laser hair removal, and lots more.

P.O. Box 357
Moffat Beach,
Sunshine Coast,
Queensland 4551,

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Website :

Security Guards

Decisive Security Services is an Australian owned security guard company. The Company provides the services of security guards for customers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. These services can be availed by business as well as individuals and / or residential communities.
The Company provides security guards to customers based on the customer’s requirement. The customer can avail one security guard, or more than one security guard based on the customer’s needs and decision. Hence, customers can avail the security services and select the number of security guards based on the size of the customer’s business / complex and the nature of business and contents of the premises being protected. The security guards provided by Decisive Security Services can wear either the uniform provided by the Company, or the uniform specified by the customer. The security guards can also be in plain clothes if the customer so desires.
The security guards from Decisive Security Services are meant to have great communication skills with customers and the general public as well. Additionally, the security guards are meant to possess great presentation, attitude and problem solving abilities to deal with situations. Security guards are an important part of security to a business and customers can complement security guards with cameras, signs and other security measures taken by the customer for the business. The Company also provides continual improvement to its staff in keeping up with the latest kinds of possible hazards and frauds committed.

Contact Details;

Decisive Security Guards,
Brisbane, Queensland,
Phone : 07 3871 3250
Fax   : 07 3871 3251
Email :
Website :

Asbestos Removal Company

A1 Asbestos Removals is an asbestos removal company based in Queensland, Australia. The company currently offers its services in the following areas: the greater Brisbane area including northern and southern suburbs,Sunshine and Gold Coasts and Ipswich. A1 Asbestos Removals has the expertise to get rid of both bonded and friable asbestos.

The company practices caution and pays attention to safety during the process of removing harmful substance like asbestos. Exposure to asbestos can lead to the development of different types of cancer, including lung cancer and mesothelioma in humans. The company is qualified to remove harmful substances like asbestos as it has obtained A and B Class licenses. The company also takes care of disposal of the waste, once removed from the original site.

The asbestos removal company monitors the air pressure, handles asbestos decontamination work and prevents the spread of harmful asbestos particles through the air by setting up a building enclosure.The company takes pains to ensure the appropriate air quality and air temperature in the building enclosure for the safe disposal of asbestos in the contaiminated area.

A1 Asbestos Removals establishes appropriate signage, fencing and partitions near the asbestos work area to warn people to stay away from the area and prevent them from getting harmed in the process.

The asbestos removal company undertakes asbestos removal in all types of properties, including residential, commercial and industrial sites. Interested customes can request for an online quote by providing details of the work involved and the area to be covered.
Contact Details:

A1 Asbestos Removals
Address: 698 Beaudesert Rd, Rocklea QLD 4106
Phone: (07) 3274 1777
Fax: (07) 3274 1177

Mini Tip Trucks

Harrison’s Hire Pty Ltd is an owner-operated Dry Hire business with a reputation for excellent services. The Company has been in service for over 20 years. Harrison’s Hire’s customers range from households to numerous small operators and rent out equipment such as tip trucks, vacuum trucks, fuel trailers, water blasters and water trucks. The Company is based in Beenleigh, Queensland.
One of the products offered are mini tip trucks that are available for commercial hire. Mini tip trucks are extensively used in civil construction sites and other such projects. These trucks are ideal for small job sites with limited access, as the mini tip truck is smaller than the regular tip truck and performs the same function. These trucks are also ideal for clearing up of debris and other remnants of construction material from a site after a construction is completed.
The other products on corporate hire from Harrison’s Hire include mini water trucks, water trailers and water blasters or drain cleaners. Such trucks are useful for cleaning activities involving the blasting of water. Water trailers have sprayers that are operated from inside tow vehicle by remote control and can self-fill from a dam or holding tank.
Sandbag fillers that are available on hire are used to fill sandbags with ease. Fuel trailers facilitate the transport of fuel for small jobs. They come with a 1000 liter capacity for diesel and a 12 volt pump. Harrison’s Hire also provides box trailers on commercial hire.
Contact Details:

Harrison’s Hire Pty Ltd
42-44 Frank Heck Close,
Beenleigh, Queensland 4207.
Phone: 07 3807 0056
Fax: 07 3807 0084